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   July 18

   What kind of person am I? Am I kind, attractive, friendly, caring, etc.? Or am I nasty, ugly, mean, and uncaring? Chances are, I've felt as if I was all of those at one time or another with my SO. There have likely been times when I felt like the most special person in the world with them. But there may also have been times when I felt like a monster.
   When I look to nature though, I see that finding out who I really am at any moment is simpler than I thought. For instance, if a tree gives apples, it's an apple tree. If my SO stood beside it and called it an orange tree, it would still be an apple tree.
   When I feel uncaring then, it may help me to take a moment, and see what I am giving to my SO or others at that moment. Is my behavior uncaring? If so, I know that I have one advantage over a tree. I can change what I give out at any moment.
   If I want to be a kind person, I can act with kindness. If I want to be attractive, I can shop inside my soul for serenity, and dress my face with a smile, and my eyes with a sparkle. I'm the only person who can decide who I am. And I'm the only person who can choose to be that type of person at any moment.

Just for Today
   Today, I'll look at what kind of qualities I like having. I'll act whenever I can "as if" I had those qualities. The better I feel about myself, the less any of my SO's mistaken views of me will hurt or affect me.

Attitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching? - Anonymous

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