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July 12

   Have I ever asked my partner the question "do you really love me"? Is love something I feel is either present, or not - like black or white?
   Maybe this is like asking if it's hot or cold outside. Between the two extremes, the weather outdoors is usually somewhere in between - maybe cooler today than yesterday, but warmer than the day before.
   When I think about it, the feeling of love in our relationship ebbs and flows in much the same way, like the temperature outside. Some days, it warms us in its glow, while other days, we feel an emotional chill in the air.
   When I begin despairing that my SO doesn't love me anymore, I can remind myself that people go through their own internal seasons at times too, just as a part of our natural cycles.
   During such times there's plenty I can do to warm my heart, such as getting hugs from friends, treating myself well, and doing things that make me feel good. And if things get bad, or cold enough, I can always throw snowballs!

Just for Today
   Today, I'll stop looking at love as "all or nothing", and remind myself that it's like a sliding scale, that we have more of some days, than others. I'll love with the best of my ability today, and let my partner do the same. I'll remember that, like the weather, love has its own ups and downs, and natural cycles.

A garden is of no joy to one who can't delight in holding a single flower. - BH

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