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July 11

   Imagine giving a normal 3 year old child a recipe for homemade bread, and asking them to make it. They could try and try, agonize, and apply all their mental powers to the task, and yet still find it impossible. Why? Because they simply aren't capable of understanding the words, or how to follow a bread recipe on their own.
   Being an adult doesn't mean that I no longer have limitations to my ability to understand or do some things. No matter how smart I am, all my brain power only helps me scrape the surface of what makes my partner tick, and why they do things the way they do.
   So why do I try to "figure my partner out"? Maybe I feel that, once I know why they are behaving a certain way, I can find a better way to cope with it, or "work" on a solution. Chances are, however, that as soon as I think I have something about my SO figured out, something happens to throw that theory out the window.
   I can give myself a lot more peace of mind, if I simply accept that there are very understandable reasons behind my partner's behavior. If I had perfect wisdom, I'd have perfect understanding, and be able to feel compassion and empathy for the things they struggle with.

Just for Today
   Today I'll look at something I've been wracking my brain over about my SO, and finally accept that my power to understand is limited, as a natural part of being human. I'll give them compassion and acceptance, and in doing so, also give myself needed peace of mind.

It is not the position, but the disposition. - J. E. Dinger

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