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July 10

   Do I think my partner should undergo therapy? Do they have problems I believe they need professional help with?
   It's tempting to believe that many of our relationship problems would be solved if only our SO "could see some of the crazy things they're doing". But if I'm sane enough to see this, what am I doing in a relationship with a "crazy" partner in the first place?
   When I really look at the amount of time I spend in trying to "change" my partner, I can see that my behavior may not be as "sane" as I'd like. That doesn't mean I'm crazy. I'm human. So is my partner.
   If I believe therapy can help my SO, maybe it can also help me understand and cope better with their behavior. What I may discover is that admitting my own shortcomings can be just as difficult for me, as it is for my SO to admit theirs.
   It will also show my partner that I "practice what I preach". If I take on therapy with a willingness to improve me, over time, my improved state of mind will give my SO the best kind of encouragement - my example. It will also give me some welcome outside insight into struggles that seem unmanageable at times on my own.

Just for Today
   Today I'll give some thought to whether I'd like my partner to get some therapy. If that's something I'd like, I'll switch gears, and ask "why not me?" If I'm not willing to get some outside insight, why should I expect my partner to?

If you want your eggs hatched, sit on them yourself. - Haitian proverb

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