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July 1

   Dirty dishes, clothes piled up, odds and ends scattered here and there. It seems that once the home gets straightened up to my satisfaction, all I do is turn around and the clutter is all back again. Some days, it seems like a never-ending job, and one that gets so discouraging.
   When I get down in the dumps over the mess around me, maybe it's time to ask myself "who's forcing me to be unhappy over this?" Likely, it's my fear of what others will think of me, and how they will judge me, that play a big part in how I view housework.
   Do I carry an attitude of drudgery and obligation around with me when I take care of housework, and then try to convince my partner to help and take care of their own share? No wonder they resist so much; one of the biggest incentives I give them is "do it, or I'll be upset". When I think about it, I resist doing things for others for exactly the same kind of reason.
   When others enjoy what they are doing, they are more likely to want to do more of it. Maybe it's time I looked at what kind of enjoyment we've both been missing in something as simple as housework.

Just for Today
   Instead of resenting my SO for their lack of help, maybe I can find ways of making housework fun. A mop race, a chase with the vacuum, a laughing suds fight while doing dishes are all things I can do to turn drudgery into fun. When we can laugh doing "boring" things, our free time is bound to improve as a natural result.

Housework can't kill you, but why take a chance? - Phyllis Diller

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