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January 8

   There have been times in my relationship when the pain felt so deep it almost seemed unbearable. I may have cried for hours, or days, or even weeks. At times, it seemed the more I cried, the deeper the pain seemed. I probably wished at times that I had never been born with the ability to feel pain, or that I could turn it on or off by willpower, so that I could feel it only when I was ready.
   Yet, if I look at how physical pain serves me, I can see that without pain, I would likely die or - at the least - harm myself over and over again. Touch a hot stove with my hand, and the pain is the only thing that saves my hand from burning. If I sprained my ankle, it would cause me so much pain, I'd have to get my weight off it, and keep my movements to a minimum. Without the pain, I'd likely damage my ankle beyond repair, and become a cripple.
   Isn't it the same way with my emotional pain? Maybe it tells me that my heart has "touched a hot stove" - in other words, that I made a choice that hurt me emotionally. It could even cripple my ability to love, if I continued making the same choice.

Just for Today
   Today I'll take some time to think about how my pain is trying to save me from real harm, and trying to warn me to look closely at my choices. As with physical pain, the more it hurts, the more aware I become of the danger I put myself in. That new outlook can help me avoid repeating choices that would harm me all over again.

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. - Kahil Gibran

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