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January 4

   Sometimes I hear of other people abusing their partner, and it makes me think of my relationship. Do I ever feel abused - emotionally, mentally, sexually, or physically? If so, have I tended to deny it, or hope my SO would change their behavior? Maybe it wasn't really abuse, I tell myself, or maybe they'll change if I just love them enough, and be careful not to provoke them.
   If I truly haven't been abused, then I'll know it by a calm, peaceful feeling inside when I ask myself those questions. I also understand that hurt feelings, and outbursts of anger and other strong emotions are a normal part of being human.
   But if I find myself "walking on eggshells", or feeling physically or emotionally unsafe, it may be time to take a serious look at whether I'm accepting the unacceptable. Have I sought insight from people I can trust, or have I kept my feelings secret out of shame, because I felt I was even partly responsible?

Just for Today
   Letting myself be continually hurt by someone's actions is not a part of love. I may not know what to do about it if it happens, but I'm not responsible for my SO's choices if abuse occurs. It's my responsibility to be good to myself, and find the answers to help me protect myself
   Today I'll stop denying the truth if abuse is happening in my life, and begin seeking out the insight I need to make the best choices for myself.

Love is as love does. - M. Scott Peck

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