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January 29

"(Love)..hopes all things"

   "I've given up hope". Is that a phrase I've heard before, by someone despairing about their relationship? Maybe they tried everything they could think of to fix a troubled relationship: marriage counselling, books on relationships, losing weight, plastic surgery, switching to a higher paying job, and so on. No matter what or how much they changed, nothing seemed to make a real difference.
   When I let go of hope, I narrow my vision by focussing on my despair. I'm don't see any solutions that do appear, because of my pessimism. I also throw away any answers that do come, because of a mistaken belief I can predict how things would turn out.
   If I hold on to hope though, I eventually find that a solution magically appears - maybe not as early as I'd like, or as easy as I'd like, but it does come. The biggest obstacle I faced in overcoming my challenge wasn't the obstacle itself, but my feeling of hopelessness in confronting it.

Just for Today
Am I wise enough to know, beyond a doubt, that there is no possible hope in overcoming whatever difficulties I'm faced with, today or in the future?
   Today, I'll spend some time thinking of what magic and wonderful mystery the future could have in store for me. I'll rely on hope to help me seek out and find the answers I'm looking for to reach them.

All human wisdom is summed up in two words: wait and hope. - Alexandre Dumas

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