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January 27

"(Love)..bears all things"

   With the number of divorces happening in society today, I wonder sometimes if "for better or for worse" doesn't get these words tacked on sometime during the marriage: "as long as it's not too much worse". "Bearing all things" doesn't mean I have to stay in a relationship that is harmful to me. But does it mean throwing in the towel just because the going gets rough?
   When love "bears all things", it doesn't use rough times as the reason for packing the relationship in. If my SO is mistreating me in an unacceptable way, I can remove myself from the situation, without reducing my love for them, and my caring and compassion. But if I leave simply because they are not "making me happy", or aren't what I expected they would be, or aren't giving me the quantity and quality of attention I feel I deserve, aren't I holding them up to an unfair ideal?
Good relationships aren't defined by circumstance; it's how we deal with the adversities and disappointments that come our way. If I can bear all things, is there anything that could destroy the love I have for my partner? And what better shining example could I give them!

Just for Today
   Today, I will "bear" just one small thing that has frustrated me about my SO, and do it with as much gladness, and rejoicing as I can. In doing so, I may be surprised to find that its weight has been magically lifted from my shoulders, just by my change in attitude!

Affliction comes to us, not to make us sad but sober; not to make us sorry, but wise. - Henry Ward Beecher

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