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January 26

"(Love)..Does not rejoice in iniquity but rejoices in the truth"

   We have all had our fair share of people that have lied to us throughout our lives. In relationships, truth is treasured as an essential part of love. When my SO lies to me, it often hurts more than anything else they could do to me.
   The paradox however is that I may have great difficulty in sharing the truth of who I really am, or listening to the same about my partner. If my SO really wants to spend an evening with friends instead of me, I lash out at them in anger, and they learn that being truthful means telling the truth only when it doesn't get them into trouble.
   When I punish my SO for being truthful, I actually send a mixed message: only tell me the truth when it won't hurt me, and lie the rest of the time. And then I wonder why I catch them in a lie later on.
   If I want to rejoice in the truth, I need to value it highly, and reinforce that through my actions. If my SO is truthful about wanting to spend an evening with others instead of me, maybe it's time to pause and ask myself "how important is truth to me?" In asking myself that, I can find ways of dealing with my feelings that support such honesty, instead of tearing it down.

Just for Today
   If truthfulness is really important to me, then I'll look more closely at how my choices show that belief.
   Today, I'll try to find ways of rejoicing in the truth, even when it's difficult - especially when it's difficult.

There is no need to seek the truth, only stop having views. - Seng T'san

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