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January 25

"(Love)..thinks no evil"

   There are few of us that haven't thought or uttered the words "drop dead" to someone. While we certainly don't mean it at the time, sometimes we do find ourselves having thoughts about hurting our SO emotionally, or maybe even physically.
   I stew about how I can "get my partner back" for something they did; I judge them, and justify my thoughts with examples of their behavior, or other imperfections.
   Where does all this get me? Usually all it does is keep my resentment, or anger fueled. I spend minutes, hours, or days under a dark cloud, where I seem to treat my SO's every action with scorn, or skepticism.
   Such thoughts actually imprison me more than almost anything my SO could do. Every moment I spend stewing robs me of my ability to enjoy life. It's impossible to feel love, or to receive or give it, when I'm focussing on unloving thoughts.

Just for Today
   Today, I'll pay special attention to my thoughts and feelings, whenever I find myself looking at my SO in ways that don't bring calmness to my heart or a smile to my face. I'll try to find the reasons for my frame of mind, and gain insight from them, instead of letting them cloud my thinking even further. I want the precious seconds of my life to be filled with more love and inner joy, not less.

Before sunlight can shine through a window, the blinds must be raised - Anonymous

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