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January 24

"(Love).. is not provoked"

   Does this phrase sound familiar: "sorry, but they just ticked me off so much"? There are very few relationships, if any, where one partner hasn't provoked the other's anger. Somehow, the longer we're in a relationship, the more we know just what buttons to push to get our partner angry, and vice versa.
   It's very hard not to get peeved when my SO does something thoughtless or mean to me. Yet when I look at how often I get angry at them, or for what, I can also see there have been many times when I didn't need to feel that emotion.
   Do I really need to get upset if my SO insults me? Maybe I'd get more peace of mind by quietly not accepting their view of me at that moment, and telling them "it's ok for you to have your opinion".
   Every time I refuse to be provoked, what I'm actually doing is refusing to react to unkind words. I'm making the best choices I can for myself, instead of letting my SO control my emotions with their words or actions.

Just for Today
   When I find myself being provoked by unkind words or actions, I'll try to stop and ask myself: "do I want more anger in my day, or more happiness and calm?"
   Today, I'll give careful thought to making the best choices for me, and remember that the more love I give myself by doing so, the more love I can give to my SO.

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