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January 22

"(Love)..does not behave rudely"

   I've probably been in situations where I got treated rudely by someone who I thought loved me. Sometimes it was obvious, such as calling me stupid, or going somewhere with a friend after they had promised to spend some time with me. Other times it was more subtle: little digs that undermined my self confidence, or put-downs of my opinions or thoughts. Chances are I've also done the same with my SO, often justifying it with "if they can do it, so can I".
   But I know deep inside that receiving rudeness, or giving it out, doesn't feel very loving. It gives my SO the hidden message that their wants, thoughts, and feelings are less important than mine. No one's deserve to be more important; we all deserve to have them respected equally.
   Maybe I can't stop others from treating me rudely, but I do have the choice of how to treat others. In looking at my own behavior more closely, I can start finding the reasons behind my rude behavior. No matter what others do, my rudeness only adds to my everyday frustrations, instead of giving me more peace, and love inside.

Just for Today
   Today I'll try to catch myself when I'm tempted to treat my SO rudely, and see what difference it makes in my life. I want to have more serenity, not less.

Before every action ask yourself. Will this bring more

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