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January 21

"(Love).. is not puffed up"

   I may have seen or listened to a couple or an individual who acted as if they had all the answers about love, as if they were the experts. There's something about such behavior that irritates me, even when I don't know exactly why. If I find myself doing it on occasion, I walk away frustrated because others seem to show a lack of interest in listening to me.
   When I discover something wonderful about love, I often can't wait to tell others. But if I do it to try and impress my SO or someone else, usually it backfires - instead of getting acknowledgement, I get rejection, or end up feeling as if I'd have been better off keeping quiet.
Once I remember that the best way to tell someone about love is to show it in my actions, I can see how pride can get in the way of love. Being "puffed up" gives others the hidden message that I'm somehow better or wiser than them, even if I don't intend to give that impression. When I act with humility however, I let love do the talking for me, through my loving actions.

Just for Today
   Actions speak louder than words. The next time I feel I understand love better than my SO, I'll remember that my pride can actually get in the way of my ability to love.
   Today I'll show my love quietly and humbly, and let it speak for itself.

Whom do you try to get closer to: someone who shouts, or someone who whispers? - BH

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