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January 20

"Love does not parade itself"

   Have I ever seen a couple who made great outwardly shows of affection, calling each other endearing names, playing the part of a romantic couple in love? Chances are seeing it made me sick to my stomach; I could see the show, the parade, and the play-acting. This couple probably did have a certain amount of love in their relationship, but chances are that their public displays differed from what went on behind closed doors.
   I feel more comfortable around couples that have imperfect relationships, and let those imperfections show, because at least they are being real. I know where they stand, and more importantly, each partner has a better idea of who their partner really is.
   If I feel like "parading" my love to my SO, can I expect to get genuine love back? Sooner or later, the play-acting becomes tiring, and I find all I've really done is delayed having to deal with who we actually are, warts and all.

Just for Today
   Today I'll let my shows of love be genuine and quiet, and savor the sweet inner joy and peace that naturally comes those. I'll find special moments in quiet acts: a simple touching of hands, an affectionate look, or a kind word whispered.
   I'll save my "parades" of love for special occasions - and really strike up the band when I do!

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