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January 19

"Love does not envy"

   How often have I looked at my SO, and wished I was as smart, talented, likeable, good-looking, or humorous as they are? In putting them up on a pedestal, I unwittingly put myself below the same pedestal, creating hidden resentment inside me that pops up again and again.
   Are any of us wise enough to place a value on any characteristic that I or my SO have? And even if I think I am, what good does it do me? Envy just brings me unhappiness that spills into our relationship.
   We each have our own unique gifts and talents. If I focus on using and building on my strengths, I'll spend less wishing I had their qualities. Maybe my uniqueness hasn't shown, because my envy has left mud on my glasses.

Just for Today
   Today I'll take some time to quietly reflect on my specialness. If others can't see it in me, that is their problem not mine. The less time I spend being envious of others, the more time I'll have to discover all the special things that make me a unique and wonderful human being. Whenever I have a choice between envy and love, I will try to remember that love is always more important to me.

I once lamented that I had no shoes,
Until I saw a man with no feet.

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