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   January 18

"Love suffers long and is kind"
   I can probably identify with the kindness of love, but likely have a bit of an argument with the "suffering" part. Why should the willingness to suffer be a part of love?
   Have I ever felt pain because of something my SO said or did? It would seem it's an unavoidable part of loving someone. Perhaps it's my willingness to risk such pain that shows whether I'm acting with love or not.
   Maybe "to suffer long" means that I don't try to dump my pain on my SO, even if it comes from something they did. To not seek revenge, hold a grudge, or try to respond back in kind can be very difficult. Yet by taking my pain, and dealing with it in a way that doesn't hurt my SO or others, my choice not only makes me more loving, but brings me added serenity and peace inside.
   It doesn't mean I should be a doormat, or accept unacceptable treatment. But as I find better ways of handling pain, I may surprisingly find I suffer less with time. My SO and others will no longer have the same power over my feelings, and I won't keep playing a part in continuing a battle of hurts.

Just for Today
   Today I'll take some time to deal with whatever pain I feel in ways that are better for me - talking about my pain to my SO if and when they will truly listen; talking and/or crying with a trusted friend; pounding a pillow to get out my anger; writing my feelings in a journal, etc.

We are healed of a suffering only by experiencing it to the full.- Marcel Prous

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