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January 16

   It's a paradox that almost all of us say we hate lies, and want honesty. Yet when it comes to facing painful truths, we often do everything we can to avoid doing just that.
   Maybe I've been dealing with nights of drunkenness from my SO, and won't admit to myself they have a problem with alcohol, or may be suffering from the disease of alcoholism. Perhaps I found telltale evidence of an affair, but bury the thought far back in my consciousness, refusing to believe it could really happen to me.
   Have I experienced childhood abuse, for example, and convinced myself I got over it, that it's in the past, and there's no use in bringing it back up?
   When I won't accept a painful truth, I probably hope it won't show its ugly head again until I'm stronger. Sometimes I even hope it will just go away. It seldom does; instead it seems to steal energy away from so many areas of my life, and sap my strength a bit more each day.

Just for Today
   Today I'll take a few moments, and think about just one occasion in the past when I have faced a painful truth. I'll remind myself that it no longer has the same power to imprison me, as it once did when it was secret. As painful as the rocky ground was, I was finally glad to get out of the swamp, and finding my way back to some peace of mind.

Truth is what the spiritual quest is all about. Telling the truth to ourselves frees us from our self-imposed limitations. When you face the truth of a problem in your life, you can do something about it. Truth liberates, heals, and transforms. - Douglas Bloch

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