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January 11

   The slogan "Let Go and Let God" is one that is used by many people in 12 step programs to help them deal with their problems. While they may be coping with special difficulties, such as alcohol abuse or other family diseases, what is interesting is how they use such simple phrases in handling other challenges as well.
   Whatever my spiritual beliefs, if I take a look at the world around me, I can see forces at work that are beyond my understanding. Many of those forces work for my benefit, yet I try to control and change situations in ways that prevent such forces from helping me.
   To "Let Go and Let God" simply means letting go of those things I'm powerless to change. I'm unable to change my SO for example, even though sometimes I believe I can or should. The reality is that I have a healing force within me that tries to lead me toward greater wholeness, and happiness. So does my partner.

Just for Today
   Today I'll try to catch myself whenever I'm tempted to try and change my SO, and get out of the way of mysterious forces that encourage healthy change on their own.
   Letting go is hard, but not letting go makes my life and my SO's even harder.

As children bring their broken toys with tears for us to mend,
I brought my broken dreams to God, because He was my friend.
But then, instead of leaving Him in peace to work alone,
I hung round and tried to help, with ways that were my own.
At last I snatched them back and cried, How could you be so slow?
My child, He said, what could I do? You never did let go.
- Anonymous

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