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January 10

   If I made a list of all my faults today, how long would it take, and how lengthy would it be?
   Chances are, I'd discover that I'm often harder on myself than anyone else is. I see things as faults that others see as natural, and often wonderful parts of who I am. My physical appearance is probably one of the things that falls into this category, but there are likely many others - such as the way I laugh, sing, cry, talk, etc.
   The more time I spend bemoaning faults that are actually just a unique part of who I am, the less time I have to spend changing those things that cause me problems, and others too. Perhaps the biggest fault I have is being too hard on myself, and I even kick myself for that!

Just for Today
   Today I'll stop belittling myself over just one thing I thought was a fault, but is really just a part of my specialness. It may be my appearance, my laugh, or any other characteristic that is uniquely me.
   In making my list of my "imperfections" shorter, some wonderful things may happen. I'll become less defensive with my SO, and more able to accept their perceived faults. And I'll also become more accepting of my own imperfections.
   Doing so will help me make changes that really add more happiness to our relationship. I may be surprised to see my happiness and my SO's improve, just by seeing my "faults" in a new light!

My imperfections and failures are as much of a blessing from God as my successes and talents, and I lay them both at His feet. - Gandhi

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