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January 1

   Today I start off another New Year. Am I hoping that things will change this year, that haven't changed before in our relationship? Maybe I've made some resolutions for the new year, or just thought about what I can do to make this year different.
   When I look back at the past, I can see that some things have gotten better, but there are other things that haven't. Is it because I'm stupid, or just aren't trying hard enough? Maybe the answer to those problems are hidden out there, somewhere unknown to me.
   All this thinking, and suddenly, I realize that this is something I seem to do too many days during the year, not just at the beginning. I spend so much time wishing some things were different, I keep making myself unhappy. I realize now that I have missed out on so many simple treasures - a phone call to a good friend, a walk in the fresh air, a good book, a shared joke, or just a relaxing moment.

Just for Today
   I only have so many precious seconds in my life, and those that I share with my SO - whether they are physically with me or not - needn't be filled with anxiety, or thoughts of what I don't have yet in our relationship.
   Today, even if just for a little while, I'll try and get the most out of each moment, no matter what I have or don't have. When I do that, I can see whatever problems I have in a new light, not clouded by darkness.

It's a pity that we can't forget our troubles the same way we forget our blessings. - Alcoholics Anonymous

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