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February 8

   Hugs! What a wonderful, simple action available to almost all of us. Placing my arms around another person, and holding them affectionately, is probably one of the most universal ways of showing caring.
   When I remember genuine hugs I've had through my life, I can recall the feelings of warmth they gave me inside, and the smiles they brought to my face. While some were given for particular achievements or at special occasions, I also remember the sweetest ones - given to me for no particular reason, other than to show me someone cared.
   Looking at our relationship, have I underestimated the power of hugs? Would a talk about difficulties go better if it began and ended with a genuine hug?
   Often, things I can do to improve our relationship can be as simple as a hug, or two, or three, or more. By letting my partner know I care about them in such a way, I reach a part of them that mere words can't. The wonderful thing about hugs is that they cost nothing, and can be given practically anywhere, and anytime

Just for Today
   When I'm looking for ways to help our relationship grow, I'll try to remember some of the simpler things like hugs.
   Today I'll give my SO some warm hugs, without expecting anything in return - letting those hugs work their own magic. In simply giving them, I'll have added to the love I give to my SO and myself.

Whenever I give one hug, I make two. - LH

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