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February 5

   How many of us have things we wish we hadn't done? Regrets are a natural part of life; they help me remember when I made choices that didn't add to my happiness.
   Like most things, however, I can overdose on regrets, going over them again and again, punishing myself for things that are unchangeable, because they are in the past. The phrase "no use crying over spilt milk" doesn't mean I should forget mistakes, but simply that it's no use agonizing over them.
   I'm human - I make mistakes in my relationship. It's impossible to do otherwise. Mistakes are learning experiences, essential to my growth, and the growth of our relationship as well.
   While I may accept this, what I don't seem to accept often is that I'm allowed to make big mistakes as well as small ones. I don't deserve to have any mistakes I've made hung around my neck like an albatross. Unfortunately, I find that - if someone else doesn't do it - I often make a noose of them myself.

Just for Today
   A person who makes no mistakes usually does not make anything.
   Today, I'll allow myself to make mistakes - big and small - and stop letting regret rob me of happiness.
   I'll do my best to make amends for any wrongs I've done, but after doing my best, I'll leave them in the past where they belong. I deserve to live life fully today.

Regret is like mud; you can't build on it, you can only wallow in it. - Anonymous

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