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February 28

   If I've ever gone to a friend to get some insight into a problem with my SO, I probably received some well-intentioned advice.
   When this advice suggests I follow a particular course of action, however, I would be wise to think twice about it. "Leave the bum, stand up for yourself, don't take that from them" may be just a few of the things I'm advised to do. The danger is that suggestions like these keep undermining my belief in myself; the less I trust myself, the more difficult it is to find choices that are truly best for me.
   In looking for guidance, I'll probably find the best comes from those who help me see my own motives and feelings more clearly, and encourage me to believe in myself. Finding someone who has been through difficult times in their relationship, and still found true happiness, will give me a great source of inspiration. Having someone listen to me who believes in my worth will also give me the courage to make the best decisions I can, no matter how imperfect they may be.

Just for Today
   Today I'll remind myself that I have strength and wisdom inside that I haven't touched yet. When I have a problem with my SO I need to talk over with another person, I'll try to find someone who will help me find the answers that are waiting inside me.

The best advisers, helpers and friends, always are not those who tell us how to act in special cases, but who give us, out of themselves, the ardent spirit and desire to act right, and leave us then, even through many blunders, to find out what our own form of right action is. - Phillips Brooks

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