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February 27

   Have I been in more than one serious relationship in my life? If so, I've likely said to myself "well, I won't make that mistake again". Maybe I got involved with someone who had a temper, was possessive, had a drinking problem, or something else that led to the end of the relationship. I'm shocked then, when suddenly I find myself in a new relationship, dealing with many of the problems I swore I'd never put up with again, or new problems that bring up the same old feelings in me.
   If the FAA treated airplane crashes the same way many of us treat relationships, they would probably say in their reports "don't fly on that airplane again". It's only when they take the time to truly understand why the accident happened, that they can dramatically reduce the odds of a similar disaster.
   Each relationship, bad or good, has much to teach me about myself. When I take the time I need to truly learn from my relationships, I'll find they give me valuable insights. As I learn to take the gifts of experience those struggles give me, I'll also find my own attitude improving as I uncover things I'm doing that contribute to my problems.

Just for Today
   Today I'll start looking at some small problems in my current relationship, and see what they can teach me about me. In gaining from those new insights, I give myself the best chance I can of learning even more from bigger problems, and building a more rewarding relationship.

One thing about the school of experience is that it will repeat the lesson if you flunk the first time. - Anonymous

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