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February 26

   The last time I moved to a new apartment or home, I was probably surprised at how much "junk" I had accumulated. Items I thought would make my life easier actually added to the clutter I seemed to be constantly cleaning up, or reorganizing.
   Maybe I'm also having to juggle bills, or work extra hard to take care of payments for furniture, a car, or other items. I keep getting caught up in the belief that I can't be happy unless I own certain things, or have a certain standard of quality in my possessions.
   When I take a look at how much freedom I've traded for all that though, I wonder if maybe I'd be better off with less "things". Am I in a job I dislike, because I can't take the risk of looking for a better one, or upgrading my skills to do something I truly enjoy? Is all the energy I'm spending making money and managing it leaving me worn out?
   If our relationship is being tested by financial troubles, then our possessions are costing us more than we realized. What price do I put on lost closeness, intimacy, playfulness, and peacefulness?

Just for Today
   Today I'll take a moment and ask myself "what do I really want in this relationship?" Then I'll look around at what I own, and what I want to own, If a possession takes away more from our relationship than it gives, I'll take a careful look at whether it's really worth having.

Few rich men own their own property. The property owns them. - Robert Green Ingersoll

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