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February 22

   Have I ever had a day where I thought to myself "have I lost my mind?" Maybe I did something in our relationship that seemed sensible, or right for me at the time, but in retrospect seems like an incredibly "stupid" decision.
   I need to think for a second, however, at how difficult it is to make good decisions with a TV blaring, a jackhammer pounding the pavement outside, the telephone ringing, and someone knocking at the door - all at the same time. Even the thought of all that confusion gives me a headache.
   If I have a truckload of different thought and feelings going on in my head and body, it's difficult for me to make good choices. When I feel overwhelmed, maybe I need to take a walk, talk to a friend, or do something else to slow me down. The world won't come crashing down if I delay making decisions for an hour, or even a day. I can give myself the time I need to quiet down much of the noise inside.
   When I do, I'll find my ability to think improves dramatically. Solutions to some of my problems seem to appear almost magically, and other problems suddenly become less important. Like closet space, I regain the use of my mind, simply by giving myself the time I need to reduce the clutter.

Just for Today
   Today, I'll see how cluttered my mind is with thoughts and feelings that make it hard to think clearly. I'll take the time I need to clear some of them out, and get back the serenity I need to make choices that are truly best for me.

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

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