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February 20

   Sometimes I find my life seems to be a whirlwind; I rush to get things done, trying to get things I want as soon as possible. It may be a new house, furniture, getting married, starting a family, or many other things.
   I want happiness now, or as quickly as I can get it. At times however, I find my relationship with my SO takes some unexpected twists and turns, and my hard work seems to go down the tubes. I throw my hands up in the air and exclaim "why am I bothering?"
   Maybe if I stop running so hard towards happiness, I'll find that it has been trying to catch up to me. When I look at how I spent yesterday, how much of it gave me more happiness than a quiet cuddle with my SO? Or a leisurely stroll along a beach, or a walk through a park with them?
   I'll probably find that in my rush towards "happiness", I'm sacrificing treasured moments with my SO that can never be replaced; once today is gone, it's gone forever.

Just for Today
   Today I'll look at how much of my life feels rushed right now, and really think about how important each thing is. If I remember that I can't truly appreciate the fragrance of a flower, or a starry night when I'm running, I'll be able to see what I'm missing by not slowing down. I'll decide what I want out of today, and spend the time I want savoring the relationship I have now with my SO.

Time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening all at once.

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