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February 19

   How often am I afraid of something in our relationship? Maybe I'm scared my SO has found someone better, or is angry at me over a mistake I made, or is hiding something important from me. Perhaps I'm scared I've failed them somehow.
   Fear is a healthy warning system when it alerts me to real danger, but often I imagine all sorts of monsters. In actuality, what usually happens is that worry robs me of happiness, and makes it even harder to handle things that do try and throw me for a loop.
   When I try to guess what is going on in my partner's mind, there's no limit to what I can imagine. The truth is I can't accurately read minds; my imagined fears and worries just leave me drained, and less able to handle real problems.
   If I want more peace of mind and a better idea of the truth, I can begin by talking with my SO, and sharing my fears and feelings. If they help me work towards a better understanding of them and myself, that will be great. But even if they don't, it's up to me to find ways of dealing with my fears that strengthen instead of weaken me.

Just for Today
   Today I'll look at some things I've been worrying about, and ask myself if I really can read my partner's mind. I'll take some time to talk things out with them, and share my feelings and fears honestly. Then, I'll begin to use my imagination more for wonderful things, instead of making up extra things to worry about.

Fear is the darkroom where negatives are developed. - Alcoholics Anonymous

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