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   February 18

   Many of us have a difficult time accepting compliments. When my SO tells me I look beautiful or handsome, or calls me smart or talented, I often have a mixture of feelings. I like it, yet feel somehow undeserving at the same time.
   Compliments may also be a double edged sword. I may look terrific to my SO when I'm dressed to kill and have spent time enhancing my appearance, but some mornings I feel like King Kong.
   When I treat my assets as gifts however, I can take a different and often more joyful approach to compliments. A talent such as music, for instance, can give me joy by sharing it, just like sharing a birthday present. If someone enjoys having it shared with them, that automatically makes it "good enough".
   The same with my appearance. If it gives someone joy by sharing it, great! When I realize that I have many gifts to offer my SO, simply by being myself, I no longer need to be afraid of meeting invisible standards of near perfection.

Just for Today
   Today I'll think about how I'm special in my own way, and how much of what I have has been a gift to me from God, or whatever source it has come from. I can't share roses if the gifts I've been given are carnations. I can share what I have with my SO, and know that is special enough.

The giver is only a channel for the gifts he has received from God. He cannot hoard or withhold them without blocking the channel. - Al-Anon

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