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February 13

   Do I ever have a day where I say to myself "it can't get any worse than this" - and it does?
   I've probably had times in my life when bad luck just seemed to pour down: a lost job, the death of loved ones, a crisis in a relationship, an accident, or some other calamity. Or maybe it was just a day when a lot of little things went wrong, starting with putting my foot in a half-empty coffee cup I left on the floor the night before.
   On days like this, it's usually helpful to get out of the house, and take some quiet moments to reflect on the things in my life I do have, that many others don't. I can also reflect on how some of my most difficult experiences help me, with powerful lessons and new wisdom.
   When I count my blessings in this way, I'm often able to see our relationship in a new light. Problems that seemed big in the past no longer hold the same fear. I know I'm going to keep learning and growing from them. In seeing what I have gained so far, I get a new perspective on life, one that helps me treasure each moment more.

Just for Today
   When things in my life appear to be falling apart, I'll try to remember that even hurricanes don't last forever.
   Today I'll take some quiet time, and find a special, peaceful place inside me that helps me gain new strength and calm to weather out tough storms. I'll take each new bit of wisdom I get, and let it help me get more love out of each moment with myself, and my SO.

Just when you think you've finally hit bottom, someone tosses you a shovel. - Anonymous

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