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February 12

   Unless I've lived in a bubble, I've probably had people that have hurt me deeply in my life with things I've found hard, if not impossible to forgive. One of the people on that list may be a former partner. Maybe they were unfaithful, or used or abused me. Perhaps the end of the relationship brought out the worst in us, and we parted with bitterness and anger.
   Although I may have said I forgave them, if I haven't let go of my anger, I've only started the process of forgiveness. I'm probably very good at hiding that anger, even from myself, but find it triggered whenever my SO does something that reminds me of those previous hurts.
   To forgive means letting go of the hurt, without having to forget that I was hurt. When I let myself fully feel the pain, the tears, and the anger I have inside, I help release them; I can then look at the past with a new calmness. I no longer need to keep my anger, because my healing gives me the best protection I can have against making the same mistakes in the future.

Just for Today
   Today I'll give some thought to whether there's someone in my past I still feel deep anger towards. If so, I'll make a commitment to start releasing their power over my life, because I don't want those memories to continue hurting me as well.
   I'll try to remember that forgiveness is something I do for me, to give me more peace of mind in the present, and future.

Always forgive your enemies. Nothing annoys them so much. - Oscar Wilde

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