August 9

Most relationships have an abundance of "responsibilities" that either one partner or the other takes on, as well as ones they share. These include things such as taking out the garbage, cleaning, grocery shopping, and paying certain bills, etc.
  There may be times when I feel my partner isn’t taking enough care of their responsibilities. If I feel resentful as a result, I may talk with them and try to remind them of their "duty" to do their share. Or I may hold it in, and find myself suddenly snapping at them when they ask me to do something.
  Maybe I settling for less than I deserve in finding solutions to such conflicts. Maybe we’re both being shortchanged in how we look at our "duties". When I think about the things I do well, I can usually find a feeling of play and personal enjoyment in those activities. It may be difficult to find such enjoyment in something as mundane as grocery shopping or paying bills, but isn’t it worth trying? Maybe all it takes is turning grocery night into a scavenger hunt, where the winner gets a backrub, and the loser gets one too!

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll look at something I consider a responsibility, and explore how I could increase the amount of fun my SO and I have doing it. It might be something as simple as having a sock basketball game when we do the laundry. The more we enjoy doing anything, the less of a chore it will become.

Duty makes us do things well, but love makes us do them beautifully - Phillips Brooks

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