August 8

When my SO says something unkind or hurtful to me, is my natural reaction one of trying to hurt them back in the same way, or using my words to judge them? Do I respond with phrases such as "you’re one to talk", or "you’re such a jerk (or crybaby)", or something similar?
  I’m allowed to be imperfect, including very imperfect. It’s part of being human. Even if there’s truth to something unkind my SO says, I have the power to accept it as simply part of being human. If my SO sees part of me as being some kind of monster, I don’t have to look through their eyes. I can use my own.
  The more I can accept myself in this way, the easier it becomes for me to choose how I want to feel in any argument. If I want to feel good about myself, there are few things that will envelope me in such a glow quicker than simple kindness. I can respond to cutting remarks with compassion, and such phrases as "I hear you", or "I can see that this is really bothering you", or a request for something as simple as a hug break!

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll remind myself how much I value the warmth of kindness. I have no power over whether anyone else gives it to me, but I do have power over how much I give. I’ll remember that kindness always gives me back more than I send out, in a special magical place inside me. And even if I don’t see how it warms others souls at times, inside I know that kindness always produces better results in the long run than unkindness.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. - Mother Theresa

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