August 7

In many relationships, the amount and frequency of sex is something that couples occasionally - or often - have struggles over. Sometimes one partner may even lose interest in sex for weeks or even months at a time. When this happens, it often leaves the other partner feeling frustrated, unloved, and even angry.
  If this kind of struggle is happening in our relationship right now, it’s probably added to the walls that seem to exist between us. If I try to talk about it, my SO probably becomes defensive and angry themselves, and I end up feeling worse off than if I’d never brought it up in the first place.
  It’s probably very hard for me to understand that there are very good reasons why my partner has lost interest in sex, even if I or they don’t know what those reasons are. If I can accept that, it may help me let go of wanting to change something I have no power over, and begin finding other ways of expressing and feeling intimacy with my SO. I may eventually discover that this period in my life opens a doorway to a whole new magical playground of expressing and feeling love.

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll begin searching for healthy ways of taking care of my sexual needs and tensions, and begin accepting my SO’s need to feel loved without sex as a condition of that love. I’ll start exploring non-sexual touching and caressing with them, and how I can become a safe place for them and all their feelings.

To gain that worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else. - Bernadette Devlin

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