August 6

A couple discovered a novel and fun way to handle arguments. The one who was in the right was the one who had to apologize! For example, if the husband promised to call home if he was going to be late for work, and forgot, his wife would exclaim "I’m sorry!" when he arrived home.
  What usually happened in disagreements is that the words "I’m sorry" generated laughter, and broke the tension whenever it got too high. It made "being right" less attractive! And it produced a climate for discussion that made solving disagreements easier, and added just the right dose of "irrationality".

Just for Today
  Today, if I feel I’m "right" in a disagreement with my partner, I’ll ask my partner if I’m the one who can apologize! (and I won’t look for an apology from my partner). If my SO is able and willing to see the benefits of this role reversal, I’ll talk with them to see what other things we can handle in fun and opposite ways.
  Just the mere act of handling some things differently may give us both valuable insight into how we can handle struggles between us differently, and add a bit of spice to those struggles.
  Who knows - we may actually get to a point where the only things we really do when we "fight" is have a lot of fun and laughter!

When nothing changes, nothing changes. - anonymous

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