August 3

  If my partner has had an affair, I’ve likely spent countless moments wondering whether to end the relationship permanently. How can I ever trust them again? How do I know it won’t happen again? These questions and many other weigh heavily on my mind.
  In truth, there is no way I can know the answers to these today, or perhaps ever. In comparison, do I know for sure that the world will exist tomorrow?
  What I am able to do however is improve my awareness of how much I want my partner to act and be certain ways, in order to "trust" them again. Do I need the sun to come up tomorrow, before I’ll trust it to come up another day?Likely not. Maybe what I need to learn to trust most is myself, and my ability to handle rainy days as well as sunny days. No matter what choices my partner makes, I have the power to find joy and magic in each moment. It’s very likely my SO is looking for the same kinds of joy and magic, and hasn’t discovered yet that dishonesty only gives them a "fake" version of each.

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll stop depending on my partner to ease my fears, and begin learning to trust myself more, and my ability to handle whatever comes my way. I’ll focus on each moment instead of the future, and rediscover little moments of joy that have been passing me by. I’ll trust that my partner wants the same kind of joy, and have compassion for their own difficult struggle trying to find it.

FEAR is Forgetting Everything is All Right - anonymous

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