August 29

Have I ever had times when I spent hours trying to figure out a solution to a problem, and finally gave up - only to have a solution appear magically out of thin air?
  Sometimes, obsessing over a problem blocks the powers of my subconscious. The answer I’m looking for lies just out of reach of my conscious mind, and all the thinking I do blocks it, in the same way that talking out loud prevents me from hearing someone else’s whispers.
  Maybe the same process is at work when I’m struggling with certain problems in our relationship. Using my brain helps me find some solutions, but when all my thinking has failed in other cases, maybe it’s time to just let it go, and let my subconscious do the work from there.
  Doing so frees me to live and enjoy the present moments. It helps me rediscover how precious the simple gift of life is. The more I stop "thinking" about my problems, the more inner calm I’m able to discover. Sometimes, it’s like the answer is laying at the bottom of a small pool, and I can only see it once I’ve stopped thrashing around, and given time for the water to become still and crystal clear.

Just for Today
  Today, when thinking about a relationship problem seems to be getting me nowhere, I’ll ask myself "why do I want to go nowhere?" I’ll help my subconscious in its uncanny knack of finding solutions that my conscious mind can’t, by letting go, and focussing on living and enjoying the moments I have right now.

Time is what we want most, but use worst. - William Penn

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