August 28

If I had a close friend besides my SO, and spent hours each day thinking about them, it would likely have a negative effect on my relationship with my partner.
  Maybe the amount of time I spend thinking about our relationship has a similar negative effect on my relationship with myself. How often do I treat myself with the same love and kindness I want from my SO? How compassionate am I over my own imperfections? How often do I treat myself to a self-hug, or something that makes me feel warm and cuddly inside?
  The less warmth and love I give myself, the more I’ll need from my SO. They will be less free to have their "bad days" without my resentments adding to their struggles. And that will likely make my "bad days" even worse.
  Spending time being a friend to myself can help our relationship, and my increase my own level of happiness. Everything kind thing I do for myself helps lift whatever emptiness I feel, and makes finding solutions to problems so much easier.

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll spend some time being my own best friend. I’ll give myself a hug inside whenever I find myself feeling bad about any imperfection of mine. I’ll take time to show myself the little joys around me, such as shapes in the clouds above, the sounds of birds chirping, or blossoming flowers. I’ll pretend there’s two of me, and and let them spend the day as best friends!

A friend is a present you give yourself. - Robert Louis Stevenson

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