August 27

If my SO has "wronged" me somehow in the past, I may have said I forgave them, or tried to, but am still feeling anger or hurt whenever I think about what they did.
  What is it that makes some mistakes harder to forgive than others? Maybe it’s how I interpreted their motives. Maybe I thought their "mistake" showed a lack of caring or love for me.
  But is it my SO’s mistake, or my interpretation of it that keeps me trapped in my struggles to forgive? Perhaps I find it hard to accept that their "mistakes" are simply part of being human, even the big mistakes. If I look at my own experiences, I can probably see many times when I made a choice I later regretted, even though it seemed like the right one for me at the time I made it. When I use my hindsight, I often discover my mistake happened because I missed seeing something, or believed something that I found out later wasn’t true. Or maybe my mind was clouded with emotions or thoughts that made thinking difficult.
  Maybe my partner’s mistakes happened for the same kinds of reasons. Perhaps the problem wasn’t that they didn’t care enough about me, but simply that they were unable to clearly see what effects their choice would eventually have.

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll try to change the way I look at my partner’s mistakes. There were definite reasons why they didn’t see the benefits of making a different and better choice, even if I don’t know what those reasons are.

Forgiving is not forgetting. It's simply remembering in a different way. - anonymous

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