August 26

When our relationship goes through very difficult times, I might despair that things are never going to work out the way I want. Perhaps an affair has struck, or a separation, or severe money or health problems have surfaced. At such times, I may hope for a miracle, while at the same time being pessimistic about one occurring.
  If I look at how a large snowball is formed, I can see that it’s made up of a lot of small snowflakes. Maybe some miracles are made up of a lot of small ones, in much the same way. Maybe it’s only by recognizing the small miracles when they happen that we find the "big" one.
  I find such small miracles when I look for positive things in our lives that happen unexpectedly. For example, if we are struggling with a separation, and I get an unexpected hug from my SO, maybe that is a small miracle. If we’re dealing with an affair, and my SO shares some feelings they never shared so openly before, maybe that is a small miracle. Is my life really void of miracles, or have I been missing ones occurring right under my nose?

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll look at "good luck" in my life and in our relationship in new ways. Maybe there’s some small miracles happening in events I used to ascribe to luck. The more I notice small miracles, the better chances I have of using them to notice and take advantage of bigger miracles.

Miracles happen only to those that believe in them. - French Proverb

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