August 25

At times, I may exclaim to myself or others that I love my SO "so much". The feelings that I have for them seem to run so deep in my heart and soul, that I can’t imagine life without them.
  If I find myself comparing the love I have for them with the way they treat me sometimes, I may wonder why they can’t seem to love me back with the same depth. Is there something wrong with me, or with them? Maybe I haven’t tried hard enough, or done enough, to show them how I truly feel.
  If I lit a candle, would it be helpful for me to hold it closer to someone’s face so they could see better? Likely not. A candle shines by its very nature. Perhaps so does love. Maybe my attempts to show my love actually make it harder to see its glow.
  Instead of trying to prove my love for my SO, maybe what I need to do most is simply do what feels loving. If I let myself be guided this way, I will no longer need the responses I’ve been looking for from my partner. Such acceptance will bring me less disappointments as well, because my expectations have changed.

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll stop trying to prove my love, and simply let it guide me in making loving choices, for myself and my SO. I’ll let my partner’s love "shine" in it’s own unique way, and stop comparing it so much to the depth of mine.

Love is a glass that shatters if you hold it too tightly. - Russian Proverb

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