August 24

When is the last time I coloured with crayons, or played with dolls, or blew soap bubbles? Such things may seem childish to me now that I’m an adult, but is being "childish" a bad thing?
  If I look at children, I can see that play is an important part of their well-being. Activities where I have fun add to my well-being in the same kinds of ways. If it is healthy for children to play being "grownup", maybe it’s just as healthy for me to play in ways that children enjoy.
  When I look at how children play, one of the things I may notice is that they can have a lot of fun with very little. A night of dining and dinner may be expensive, but a box of crayons and a colouring book isn’t. Am I depriving myself of enjoyment and happiness in my life out of a fear of being "childish"? Is it really a "mature" decision not to do things that can enhance my well-being so easily?

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll take some time and do something playful that only a child would do. If I’m afraid of feeling embarrassed, I’ll find a safe place where I can play without the fear of someone else judging me unkindly. I’ll let the child inside of me out, and see what delicious feelings such play can give me. If my SO is willing, I’ll explore this new playground with them. I may be amazed at the difference this makes to our relationship.

Life is made up of small pleasures. Happiness is made up of those tiny successes--the big ones come too infrequently. If you don't have all of those zillions of tiny successes, the big ones don't mean anything. - Norman Lear

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