August 21

At times I may feel I’ve made "sacrifices" that have gone unrewarded or unnoticed. Maybe I’ve put off buying something I wanted because money was tight, only to discover that my SO bought something they wanted. Or perhaps I’d given up spending a few hours doing something I enjoy, to spend time with my partner, and later they refused to do the same for me or did so grudgingly.
  When I feel such resentment, I might ask myself if it was really a sacrifice I gave, or was it really an attempt to make a trade? If I expected something back in return - even if it was only recognition of my "sacrifice" - my real motive was likely more of a bargain. Perhaps I had hoped to get more love back from my SO, by showing them how "loving" I could be in making such a sacrifice.
  I can free myself from such traps in the future being more honest with my motives. If giving up something of value to me feels right and loving to me, my choice can bring me its own reward. Each kind thing I do increases the amount of love I have inside, and brings me more joy and serenity. If I get in touch with such feelings, I’ll likely find that my resentments and emptiness decrease as a natural result, and anything extra I get from my SO is gravy.

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll stop looking at some of my choices as sacrifices, and instead look at how they bring me more serenity and fulfillment inside. I’ll do what feels right and loving, and become more aware when I’m slipping into the "bargaining" trap.

A gift with strings attached can entangle ourselves as easily as it can entangle others. - B. Hansen

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