August 17

Sometimes I look back on our relationship, and long for the days when my heart was filled with feelings of love and romance. I wonder what happened - did I change, did my SO change, or did we both change?
  If I take some time to reflect, I may notice that - when our relationship was new - my partner’s faults seemed insignificant, and their strengths shone. How does that compare with the way I view them today?
  Likely, I’ll find that I have much more thoughts in a day over their imperfections. Things that seemed insignificant at one time seem to have a lot more power to irritate me now.
  If acceptance is part of love, than it’s natural that my lessened acceptance of my partner’s faults reduces the amount of love I feel for them. Chances are, I’m getting less acceptance of my imperfections from them as well, which reduces the love we both feel even more.
  I have a choice. If I want to feel more love, I need to find ways to accept my SO’s and my own imperfections in ways that bring me less frustration and resentment. It may not be easy, but if I value the kind of love we had before, it will certainly be a goal that gives me back what I want most.

Just for Today
   Today, I’ll begin searching for insights into how acceptance and love go together. I’ll begin learning how to accept my own faults better first, and trust that will help me give more loving acceptance to my SO.

Blow an icy wind towards others in a room, and you’ll soon feel colder yourself. - B. Hansen

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