August 16

If my SO and I are separated right now because of relationship problems, I may be despairing that we’ll never get back together.
  The thought of losing them forever makes my heart hurt so much that I feel like I am dying at times inside. I probably am looking franticly for some miraculous solutions that will mend our relationship, and bring us back together again, giving us a chance to build the kind of relationship we both want.
  Yet, what is it that deep down inside I really want most? Is it them, or is what I really want most is simply to love with all my heart, and to be loved in the same way?
  There are no miracles that will make another person do what I want them to do. Loving someone, as much as it hurts at times, means giving them the freedom to find their own way, whether it leads them towards us, or away from us. As much as I struggle over this period in my life, maybe it’s the best chance I have of learning how to still love someone while giving them such freedom. Maybe the real hope I need is that this experience will teach me something important about love, and bring me a step closer to having the kind of love I really want in my life.

Just for Today
  Today, instead of hoping things will turn out the way I want, I’ll try to begin trusting that every experience I have - no matter how difficult - is trying to help me learn how to love myself and others in ways that bring less hurt when things don’t go as planned.

Hope is the shoes we wear on a journey of a thousand miles. - BH

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