August 15

There may be times in our relationship where we talk about taking time apart. Maybe we hope this is a way of rediscovering the kind of love we once had for each other; maybe we feel we both need time away to sort out problems that seem unsolvable together.
  Before I decide to take such a major step though, it might help to ask myself a few questions. Have we tried couple’s therapy, or individual counselling? How much have we searched out and reached out to couples that seem to have good relationships, and asked for their help in giving us their insights? What other avenues of possible help have I explored?
  If I was in college right now, it would be natural for me to realize that learning is often difficult. I would have little luck teaching myself astronomy without books and teachers, and others to help me. Although it seems as if others get good relationships without such work, maybe what I don’t realize is that they had good teachers earlier in their lives. It may seem that I was unlucky in not getting the teachers I needed before. But then again, maybe I’m luckier than I thought, because I have a schoolmate - my SO - who I can get to help me with my "homework"!

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll begin looking for ways I can learn more about love, it’s mysteries, and how it truly works. I can share what I learn with my SO, and look at our relationship as a wonderful opportunity to practice my "homework".

By perseverance the snail reached the ark. - Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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