August 14

Am I afraid of looking stupid to my SO? Maybe I’m afraid of being laughed at, or thought less of, when I do things others might consider "stupid". If I think about it though, it is impossible to live up to others’ standards of how "smart" I should be. Being human, there will be moments when I have outright genius, and other moments when I can’t even seem to tie my shoe right - and plenty of moments in between. If a certain amount of intelligence was necessary for love, then wouldn’t it mean that people with mental handicaps or small children are incapable of love? I know that isn’t true.
  We all have our own unique mixture of talents and things we struggle with. If someone treasures "being smart" more than a hug or a kind word, how "smart" are they really being?

Just for Today
  Today, when I do something I feel is "stupid", I’ll remind myself that those moments keep me from having to buy bigger hats because of a bigger head! I’ll hug myself, and dance and laugh inside, and maybe even outside. It’s a very smart thing for me to make my "stupid" moments add sunshine to my life, instead of rain. Those times will also help me give warm acceptance and hugs to my SO when they are struggling with their own "stupid" moments.

When a person can no longer laugh at himself, it is time for others to laugh at him. - Thomas Szasz

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