August 13

My SO doesn’t love me anymore, or doesn’t seem to love me as much as they used to. Have I ever had those kinds of thoughts?
  When I don’t feel as loved as I want to, it may help me to look at what kinds of things give me those feelings. Am I missing out on the beauty of dandelions because I’m looking for roses?
  Love comes to us in a lot of small ways, as well as big ones. A beach is made of a lot of little grains of sand, not a few huge rocks. But I can only see each grain when I truly look for them.
  Sometimes it’s something as simple as my SO sharing a joke with me, or listening while I talk - even if just for a few moments. The more I notice the little things, the more joy I’m able to find in every moment, and the more love I give myself on top of everything else. Such an example has better chances of bringing even more love from my SO than almost anything else I can do.

Just for Today
  Today, if I don’t feel as loved as I want by my SO, I’ll see if I can begin noticing little signs of love I never really saw before. I’ll treat each sign like grains of sand: none are too small to count. I’ll go on a treasure hunt for such signs, because if I do find moments of love where I never saw them before, I will have some real treasures.

Starvation can take place because there is not any food - or because the food is not being eaten. - Edith Schaeffer

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