August 10

There may be days in our relationship where I wonder if we really belong together. Much of the faith I once had that we were "so right" for each other seems to have been eaten up by problems, disagreements, and disappointments.
  I probably try to banish such doubt from my mind whenever I can, because the thought of this relationship ending seems too painful or scary. What if I’m wrong? What if all the sunshine is just around the next corner?
  There’s no reason why I shouldn’t have such doubts. It’s normal, and it’s human. Having doubts doesn’t mean I have to try and predict the future, or prepare for the worst. Faith and doubt are inseparable twins. The doubt I have is an absolutely necessary part of building faith. It’s much like the strain my muscles would feel if I was laying stones for a foundation.
  Instead of trying to make my doubts go away, I’ll listen more closely to them. They can give me clues about my fears, expectations, and needs. I’ll use the insight my doubts give me to learn more about myself, and share what I learn with my SO.

Just for Today
  Today, I’ll stop being afraid of doubts, and listen to them. I know they are a necessary part of learning, and building faith. I’ll begin learning how to let them teach me, and let them be my friends, not unwelcome visitors.

I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education. - Wilson Mizner

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